Political Campaigns

Moore Information Group is a national firm with a personal touch.

Our company principals have successfully managed statewide campaigns across the country and bring to each project more than 60 years of combined experience. No two campaigns are ever the same – and we’ve seen it all. Whether it’s a race for the White House, or City Hall, our team adds depth and value to your campaign.

Ballot Measures

Competitive, high-stakes ballot measure campaigns turn to Moore Information Group time and time again.

We help shape and direct communications plans and political strategies. Among our most recent successes, we helped beat back the nation’s first proposed “carbon tax” in deep blue Washington State, fought off extreme anti-fracking regulations in key oil-producing communities in California, helped pass charter school initiatives and protected the gaming industry in Idaho.

Corporate & Public Relations

Success in today’s changing world hinges on the ability to fully understand the climate in which we are operating.

Moore Information Group (MIG) helps our clients get inside public opinion and delve into the factors that influence motivations, behaviors, beliefs and values of target audiences. We pride ourselves on the ability to provide our clients with the information they need to make sound, data-driven decisions to achieve their goals.

Message & Brand Development

Developing the right message is essential in any campaign.

At MIG, we identify core values and beliefs of your target audience, align those with your goals and objectives
and then create impactful messages that will resonate with the people you’re trying to reach.

Issue Advocacy

Issue advocacy is all about attracting the public’s attention – but it is critical to attract the right kind of attention, while defining the issues in your own terms. 

Moore Information Group can design the research program that will help you influence your target audience, promote change and break down the barriers that stand between you and your goals.

Community Planning

Helping create and maintain viable, livable communities is something Moore Information Group takes great pride in.

Through our research, our clients gain understanding of the values, beliefs and behaviors of their communities, to help shape strategic decisions about vital services and programs such as transportation, parks, education, public safety and resource issues.