Online Surveys

Online surveys are being used with increasing frequency for targeted research purposes, providing clients with access to difficult to reach or specific target audiences that would be challenging and costly to reach through more traditional research methods.  Online research methods are continually evolving and finding new and exciting applications. 

Telephone Surveys

Still considered the most credible quantitative data collection method, telephone surveys are a valuable research technique when employed properly and appropriately, with careful design and when administered by trained interviewers.

Focus Groups

Focus groups are a powerful qualitative research technique that utilize a professionally trained moderator to guide discussion among a relatively small group of participants representing a specific target audience. Focus group findings can serve as an important complement to quantitative research methods and are particularly useful in evaluating advertising material, message refinement and probing barriers and motivators to behavior change.  Moore Information Group is a leader in design, moderating and analysis of both in-person and online focus groups.

Opinion Leader Interviews

In-depth interviews (IDIs) are a specialized qualitative research method used in a one-on-one setting either by phone or in person, among hard to reach audiences such as professionals, policy and decision makers and elected officials. IDIs are ideal for detailed exploration of specific ideas and topics and valuation of concepts that require thorough focus and concentration.

Ad Testing

It’s no secret – advertising is expensive. You don’t want to launch a media campaign without pretesting to ensure your message will resonate with its intended audience. Moore Information Group helps you identify the most effective way to reach your strategic goals.

Message Boards

Sometimes getting ten people in one room for an in-person focus group is just not possible because we need to talk to a highly specialized group or because the targeted audience spans the entire country. In these cases, we can efficiently conduct online focus groups using digital research methods, including bulletin board-style online discussion, individual diaries or real-time video chat and messaging.


Our analytical capabilities allow us to dive deep and discover meaningful, actionable insights. With a variety of advanced data capabilities at our disposal, we help our clients unlock the answers they need to make sound business decisions.


At the end of the day, your research should provide you with answers to the questions you seek, identify a path forward to reach your goals and objectives and outline a strategy to get you to the finish line. It’s all about results and Moore Information Group delivers every time.